Lexol® 2-Step Cleaning & Conditioning Sponges

Over time, if not maintained properly, leather tends to become hardened, stiff, or brittle. That's where your LEXOL® cleaning and conditioning regimen comes in! Our products preserve the strength, beauty, and utility of your leather, both old and new. From auto upholstery and briefcases, to furniture, shoes, and sports equipment, maintain the supple, lustrous health of your leather with our complete two-step regimen.

2oz LEXOL Leather Cleaner Swipe

Our original formula, free of waxes, oils, and unnecessary additives, helps protect your leather from damage and discoloration. Restores & revives your leather to a like-new appearance by lifting dirt and oils, allowing for an effortless wipe-away clean.

2oz LEXOL Leather Conditioner Swipe

Our original formula helps prolong the life of your leather with regular use. Preserves the supple feel of your leather with fine oil droplets that nourish and restore flexibility. Protects your leather from cracking, without leaving a greasy residue.

  • Press-n’-Pop™ pre-loaded sponges make achieving the ultimate experience in leather cleaning and conditioning easier
  • Two color-coded sponges per package: one for cleaning, one for conditioning
  • High density foam grips mean convenient application, clean hands and easy clean-up
  • Convenient box packaging can be placed on a shelf or hung from a peg